1. Input DNA Sequence
2. Input LncRNA Sequence
3. Select a base piring rule set
4. Set up parameters
5. Draw figure
6.Shuffle sequence
  1. The format of DNA and RNA sequences's title line is important, please check the format of the sample DNA and RNA sequences by clicking "Sample-A" and "Sample-B". And also, click the " " buttons to get more information.
  2. We find that some jobs are in the state of unfinished or generate empty results, probably because of incorrect format of sequences.
  3. The server occasionally undergo an unexpected power off, and we are writing a small program for re-submiting interrupted jobs automatically in case of unexpected power off.
  4. Only when a DNA sequence contains typical TTS, would permutation tests generate valuable results
  5. If the lncRNA and DNA sequences are very long and a large shuffle time (say, 100) is chosen, running of permutation test is very time-consuming.
  6. All examples described in our paper can be downloaded at the "Download" webpage.
  7. When you feel some problem occurs, for example, your jobs generate empty results or do not generate results in 2-3 days, or if you feel there is a bug, please do not hesitate to write to us.